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Shane Cooper introduces PUREDERMA

We are excited that Shane Cooper has introduced PUREDERMA to his clinic. We have been working with Shane for several years and are delighted, as is Shane, that PUREDERMA is now available at the fantastic Shane Cooper UK clinic.

Click below to watch the video and find out more.

About Shane Cooper UK

Shane is well-respected as one of the most recognised and trusted names in the beauty and aesthetics industry. He began his career working in mental health and substance misuse, fueled by his passion for supporting people and helping them discover the best version of themselves.

In his early 20s, Shane discovered an interest in the beauty industry. His mother’s confidence had flourished after experimenting with non-surgical treatments. However, he found that offering high-quality treatments with proven results was scarce. This inspired him to create a unique, bespoke series of face and body treatments, each procedure uniquely tailored to the individual.

Shane prides himself on delivering products and processes that are expertly crafted to suit all skin types and deliver visible, lasting results without the need for surgical intervention. He carries out his treatments using highly advanced medical tools and technology, working in unison to create his ultimate “beauty secret”.

For Shane, helping clients feel more confident in their skin is the most important thing.

Find out how PUREDERMA can take your clinic to the next level, click find out more below.

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