It sounds as though the partnership with RESCULPT has come at a good time.

Actress, singer, dancer and presenter, Denise van Outen’s career spans over 30 years of entertaining us across a variety of media. Essex-based Denise likes to keep busy and recent projects in 2021 included a podcast launch, as well as becoming a brand ambassador for ReSculpt by PURESKIN, a popular contouring device. In Aspire’s exclusive interview with Denise we talk about her beauty secrets, fashion, fitness and future plans...

How is your recovery going since your injuries during “Dancing On Ice” last January – have you been able to return to previous fitness levels?

It’s been a very long recovery journey and I’m not back to normal yet. As it was a bad injury I was warned from the start that it would take time and lots of rest to fully heal. I was also told that I wouldn’t be allowed to do any core exercises during this time. For me, that’s been super difficult as I love training and naturally core work is a big element of this. Basically, anything that could impact my shoulder has been off-limits and still is. Like anyone, this had an impact on my stomach area and I certainly saw a difference in the way that I looked.