EPILASEICE Platinum has arrived at Revive & Renew Aesthetics

Updated: Jun 16

We are delighted to welcome REVIVE & RENEW AESTHETICS to the PURESKIN family!

Kathryn @reviverenewaesthetics said.

"From the beginning of contacting PURESKIN, they have done the upmost to start me on my EPILASEICE Platinum journey. I am so thankful for the help and support from PURESKIN. My training today was brilliant. I couldn't ask for more. The ladies are so approachable, and I can't wait to start my PURESKIN EPILASEICE Platinum journey with my clients. Thanks again"

Watch the video showing the EPILASEICE Platinum in action @reviverenewaesthetics

Book your appointment today with Revive & Renew Aesthetics, based in Liverpool.

Find out how EPILASEICE PLATINUM can take your clinic to the next level, click find out more below.


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