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Welcome to the family Health and Beauty HQ By Charlotte

We are delighted to welcome Charlotte, owner of Health & Beauty HQ to the PURESKIN family.

Charlotte has recently introduced PUREHYDRO & PUREDERMA to her clinic. Charlotte has also been very busy putting together her new website, booking system, marketing platform, and more, all with a helping hand from PURESKIN.

Training I absolutely loved my training with Laura last week. She made everything so easy to take in and I felt extremely confident to take on clients straight after my training.

Charlotte @ Health & Beauty HQ

In Action Charlotte providing a PUREDERMA treatment on one of her many clients.

Results Charlotte and her clients are over the moon with the results they are getting from PUREHYDRO & PUREDERMA.


Hi, my name is Charlotte, and I am the owner of Health & Beauty HQ. I have been in the Health and beauty industry for almost 20 years, offering a wide range of beauty treatments.

As well as beauty treatments, I am now qualified to provide nutrition advice and plans to my clients to make them look good and feel good inside and out. I recently qualified as a HIIT fitness class instructor and now run a local fit class on my day off, building a lovely community of women who struggle to reach their fitness goals.

My main passion is Skin, so I decided to Invest in the PureHydro and PureDerma machines from PureSkin for my business, bringing my clients the most advanced technology to date and fantastic results.

Find out how PUREHYDRO & PUREDERMA can take your clinic to the next level, click below to schedule a call with one of experts today.

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