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PURESKIN announces partnership with Beyond MediSpa!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Leading aesthetic treatment brand, PURESKIN is proud to announce a new partnership with Beyond MediSpa at Harvey Nichols.

The London-based clinic is renowned for offering the next general medical and aesthetic treatments and has continued to expand its treatment offerings with the delivery of PURESKIN’S RESculpt machine.

Using High-intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy to contour the body, PURESKIN’S ReSculpt offers fast and effective treatments delivered in just 30 minutes. With two smaller paddles to define upper arms, calves and buttocks, the unique electromagnetic field will burn fat and build muscle. As the muscle contract through vibrations patients will experience the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups or squats, with no sweat required.

With over 40 years of leading beauty and aesthetics experience, PURESKIN equipment is the result of extensive research. Having worked closely with bioengineers and top medical doctors, CEO Jayne Mitchell has developed a portfolio of advanced technology systems.

PURESKIN CEO, JAYNE MITCHELL: PURESKIN announces partnership with Beyond MediSpa

“We are delighted to collaborate with Beyond MediSpa, as a clinic famous for its highly-qualified practitioners offering the latest in aesthetic technology, ReSculpt will be the perfect addition to its treatment offering.”

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