PURESKIN – Design and production of equipment for aesthetics and aesthetic medicine.

Established by CEO, Jayne Mitchell, PURESKIN is the result of 20 years worth of experience in the beauty and aesthetics industry.

After many years running successful clinics and distributing equipment for other companies, Jayne always had ideas for new devices and as such stopped distributing to pursue her mission to bring to the market new technologies.

“I believe coming from a clinic owner background and hearing clients concerns first hand has given us the edge to produce equipment to solve the most pressing of clients concerns.”
Whilst undergoing research into equipment offerings that were available at the time and evaluating the treatment devices on the market, Jayne realised that not one technology or trend could affectively treat cellulite.

“I looked around at my clinic and saw 10 different machines and not one of them could really tackle this concern as effectively as I wanted.”

After identifying this clear gap in the market Jayne set out to develop equipment, to reduce and even banish cellulite! Working closely with bio engineers, skilled doctors and medical experts after years in the making RESHAPE was born. The name has extra special meaning being called after Jayne’s first clinic. RESHAPE is fundamentally different offering 4 technologies in one device, with visible results from the first application and suitable for use on the face and body, aiming to give the best possible patient outcomes whilst ensuring the equipment is affordable for both patient and clinic. We stand proud that RESHAPE is 100% Made in Italy.
It is very important to us that we offer equipment that stands out from the crowd, that the price of any device is such that our clients make money from day one and that it does exactly what we say it will. We want to ensure that every client not only receives the most amazing equipment to sky rocket their revenue but that they also have the back up of our outstanding training and customer service to ensure their business is a success.
This year we have also expanded into our new laser division introducing medical grade Hair and Tattoo removal. When developing new technology we ensure that it goes through stringent clinical studies including medical CE approvals, which not only provides PURESKIN with an edge, but also our clients in a competitive market place.
In addition to the advantages of having multi performing platforms, we invest heavily to raise brand awareness, promoting a new approach to aesthetics, while offering competitive prices that are backed by affordable finance.

Our ongoing national marketing and PR campaigns will bring consistent new business through your door.

Jayne Mitchell

Jayne Mitchell Founder & CEO, PURESKIN
A New Approach to Aesthetics


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